Dr. Sebastian AMIGORENA, PhD

Key Scientific Advisor and member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Sebastian Amigorena is a research director at CNRS and director of the INSERM ‘Immunity and Cancer’ Unit at the Institut Curie in Paris. His team focuses on leveraging the immune system response to tumors, identifying novel paradigms, and translating them into immunotherapy for cancer patients. A renowned key opinion leader in immuno-oncology, Sebastian has a PhD in biochemistry and immunology from the University of Paris VII and has completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University. Sebastian has published over 200 articles in the field of immunology, and contributes to editorial and review boards of peer reviewed scientific journals. As a member of several scientific advisory boards (ANR, INSERM, ERC, etc) and scientific societies (including the French Academy of Science), he has been recognized by numerous national and international awards.