BIOMUNEX’s objective is to collaborate with industrial partners either to create BiXAbs® based on the partner’s existing library or work to identify new therapeutically valuable targets, for which BIOMUNEX will generate and optimize bi- or multi-specific antibodies. Thanks to the Plug-and-Play nature of the BiXAb® technology a panel of antibody candidates can be produced in a very cost- and time-effective manner from any pair of monoclonals as building blocks, bypassing the initial resource-consuming antibody engineering and optimization step.

One of the key differentiating features of the BiXAb® platform compared to the other competing bispecific formats is that BIOMUNEX’s technology will generate antibodies with excellent drug-like properties and high production yields. BIOMUNEX can complete the necessary BiXAb® characterization, design and validation in in vitro and in vivo models and beyond, in order to accommodate partners by taking projects up to regulatory preclinical studies.

The BiXAb platform has been externally validated by deals with Sanofi and Onward Therapeutics: