Since BIOMUNEX inception, BIOMUNEX’ growth has been supported by a very efficient combination of equity and non-dilutive financing from different grants, tax credits, investments and pharmaceutical collaboration revenues.

BIOMUNEX raised equity capital from several private investors, family offices for several funding rounds. Moreover, BIOMUNEX has received upfront and milestones from its partners and licensees, SANOFI and ONWARD Therapeutics. BIOMUNEX was also invested through an equity investment for his deal with ONWARD Therapeutics. All this fundings enabled the development of the Company and its different programs.

Together with equity funding from investors, as an R&D focused company, BIOMUNEX has also received several significant grants, subsidies and French tax credit (Crédit d’Impôt de Recherche) since its inception, that altogether enabled the company to develop the BiXAb® technology, the BiXAb-MAIT engager platform and its innovative pipeline.

Notably, BIOMUNEX received grants from BPI France and the French Research Ministry (i.e. I-Lab competition, ANR [Agence Nationale de la Recherche], AMI “Innovative therapy and bioproduction tools”) for several research programs.

  • The business model of BIOMUNEX is focused on two main axes that enable a consistent revenue stream:
    Collaborations and out-licensing deals with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies based on the BiXAb® technology, such as the SANOFI deal.
  • Partnering and out-licensing deals for BIOMUNEX’ pipeline products from clinical development generating high-level upfronts, milestones, royalties and additional payments, enabling the further development of the pipeline and innovative technology at the company, such as with the license and co-development agreement with ONWARD Therapeutics.

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