BIOMUNEX has a strong IP position. Many priority patent applications cover the platform and products, most of them have been granted. New products and inventions on the BiXAb® technology are covered by additional IP, providing further protection to BIOMUNEX inventions. Various patent applications were filed by BIOMUNEX:

  • several patent applications on the BiXAb® Platform, including 2 patent families 100% Biomunex, that have been granted in most countries.
  • several patent applications for its BiXAb® lead products with the objective of protecting all BIOMUNEX’ proprietary antibodies.

BIOMUNEX is actively developing new intellectual property based on its own R&D efforts and in collaboration with academic teams and industrial partners.

BIOMUNEX notably filed a patent application covering a disruptive novel non-conventional T cell redirection approach for tumor cell killing, that was co-invented and is co-owned with Institut Curie.

This MAIT redirection approach based on the BiXAb-MAIT engagers could become universal, with the potential to be applied for the treatment of many different oncology indications, particularly in solid tumors but also in hematological malignancies.”