BIOMUNEX Pharmaceuticals is a French biopharmaceutical company, based in Paris (FR) and Cambridge (MA, USA), focused on the discovery and development of breakthrough immunotherapies using its unique and proprietary BiXAb® technology to create next generation bi- and multi-specific antibodies for oncology.

Combining disruptive approaches to cancer biology with a next generation bi- and multi-specific antibody platform

We are developing a pipeline of disruptive biological approaches based on data driven biology, to address the unmet medical needs in oncology, for hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

We are committed  to provide oncologists and patients with immunotherapies that are novel, efficacious and prolong life expectancy.

We have created a next-generation, robust bi- and multi-specific antibody technology platform, BiXAb®, thanks to a proprietary computational modelling approach. Our ‘Plug-and-Play’ BiXAb® technology generates bi- and multi-specific antibodies, with minimal engineering, from any pair of monoclonal antibodies as building blocks, in a timely and cost-effective manner.