BIOMUNEX Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company based in Paris, led by an international team, focused on the discovery and development of disruptive immuno-therapeutics in oncology, thanks to its proprietary next-generation bi- and multi-specific antibody, the BiXAb® platform. In particular, BIOMUNEX is developing a disruptive biological approach, the so-called BiXAb-MAIT engagers, that redirect MAIT cells to kill cancer cells, and can become a true game changer in the treatment of cancer patients

Mission statement:

To invent disruptive therapeutic ideas for future game changing medicines in the treatment of cancer patients

We are developing a pipeline of disruptive biological approaches based on data driven biology, to address unmet medical needs in oncology, for solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

We are committed to provide oncologists and patients with new, game-changing immunotherapies that provide better efficacy and prolong life expectancy.

Using our BiXAb antibody technology, we have created a next-generation, robust bi- and multi-specific antibody technology platform, thanks to a proprietary computational modelling approach. Our ‘Plug-and-Play’ BiXAb® technology enables BIOMUNEX to generate bi- and multi-specific antibodies, with minimal engineering, from any pair of monoclonal antibodies as building blocks, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The BiXAb technology can be considered as a “best-in-class” platform in the field of bispecific antibodies as demonstrated by data and experiments on many BiXAb bispecific antibodies generated over the years and programs. This BiXAb platform has been validated by two industrial out-licensing and collaboration deals with pharmaceutical industry: first with SANOFI, then with ONWARD Therapeutics, and by the start of the first Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating a BiXAb antibody in several indications, including solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

BIOMUNEX has also developed the BiXAb-MAIT engager platform, using the BiXAb® platform to redirect MAIT cells to specifically kill cancer cells in solid tumors. MAIT cells are a subset of T cells that were discovered by Dr. O. Lantz, a key opinion leader in immuno-oncology from France’s leading cancer center Institut Curie (Paris), who is now a scientific adviser to BIOMUNEX.

The BiXAb-MAIT engager approach emerged from a collaboration between BIOMUNEX and Institut Curie, a leading European research institution focused on cancer treatment. This disruptive and unique approach will overcome the current limitations of competitors, CD3+ T-cell engagers, such as cytokine release syndrome (a common and potentially fatal toxicity), yield superior and durable clinical responses in solid tumors, and increase safety, enlarging the therapeutic window. BIOMUNEX has started several BiXAb-MAIT engager programs, for different targets and cancers.