Olivier LEGER, PhD

Antibody Engineering Advisor

Olivier Léger is an experienced antibody engineer with over 25 years of accomplishments in research, research management, project management for discovery project teams, intellectual property, lead discovery and preclinical development in biotech and pharma companies. For these last 20 years, Olivier served as Antibody engineering director in Pierre Fabre, NovImmune, as well as Merck Serono. Dr. Léger is a co-inventor of Natalizumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody, marketed as Tysabri® for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, is a co-inventor on over 30 patents, and a co-author of 17 scientific publications and book chapters. Previously Olivier was a scientist in MRC Collaborative Centre (London, UK). Olivier holds a PhD in Molecular Immunology, from the University of London (UK), at Institute of Cancer research (Sutton, UK). At BIOMUNEX, Olivier supports BiXAb® design, as well as antibody engineering and biochemistry projects.