Alexandre IVAGNES, PhD

Senior Scientist specialized in tumor immunology

Alexandre Ivagnès is a Senior Scientist at BIOMUNEX. After a master’s degree in immunology at Université Paris Sud and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, he joined the laboratory of Pr. Laurence Zitvogel at Gustave Roussy (Paris, FR) for his PhD in immuno-oncology. He worked on tumor infiltrating NK cells and highlighted a new inhibitory mechanism through the TNFR2/BIRC3-TRAF1 pathway. With the objective to develop new drugs, he joined Invectys (Paris, FR) in 2019 as Scientist. There he worked on developing new applications for their main drug candidate INVAC-1, a DNA-based vaccine targeting hTERT, which is now in clinical trials. In addition, he worked on the characterization of an in-house antibody targeting the immune checkpoint HLA-G and the generation of new anti-HLA-G antibodies.