BIOMUNEX is developing a pipeline of innovative bispecific antibodies for oncology by applying the unique BIOMUNEX bispecific antibody platform to a broad range of clinically validated therapeutic targets.



  • The most advanced candidate derived from BIOMUNEX’ platform, BMX-002, has demonstrated superior in vivo efficacy in pancreatic cancer, one of the most lethal cancers. Initial preclinical studies have also proven its potential for becoming a breakthrough therapy in several other solid tumor cancers such as head & neck, gastric, and colon cancers.
  • BMX-002 is targeting 2 receptors of the EGFR family of onco-genes. By targeting two of these receptors simultaneously, BMX-002 will block most of signaling pathways associated with proliferation of cancer cells and may facilitate substantially stronger clinical responses and prevent the relapse. In addition, BMX-002 will recruit immune cells to directly kill cancer cells and will increase the potency of such a therapeutic.
  • BIOMUNEX has already demonstrated remarkable potential of BMX-002 for treating various cancers. BIOMUNEX is rapidly moving this program towards the initiation of human clinical trials.



  • BIOMUNEX’ second lead candidate, BMX-101, is being developed for the treatment of hematological malignancies, in particular for Multiple Myeloma (MM). The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017 in the United States about 30,280 new cases will be diagnosed and about 12,590 patients will die. Since the early 1990s MM incidence rates have increased 29% (Cancer UK).
  • BMX-101 is targeting a Tumor-Associated Antigen and an Immune Checkpoint pathway; this bispecific antibody is being developed as a novel immunotherapeutic treatment for relapsed and refractory MM. BMX-101 was designed to possess multiple mechanisms of action:
    • Local inhibition for enhanced tumor cell killing.
    • Reversal of disease-mediated “immune paralysis”
  • BMX-101 is expected to greatly increase treatment efficacy in relapsed/refractory MM patients and enhance treatment safety and the Quality of Life of patients.
  • BMX-101 will also be tested in various in vitro and in vivo models of Lymphoma and Leukemia due its mechanism of action.

Additional immuno-oncology programs are ongoing in collaboration with renowned academic teams. BIOMUNEX is evaluating additional novel pairs of antigen targets, identified by BIOMUNEX and its academic partners, for the development of bispecific antibody therapeutics for oncology by employing the BiXAb® platform. 

Finally, due to the tetravalent architecture of the BiXAb®, BIOMUNEX is exploring the expansion of the platform to development of a robust multi-specific antibody technology targeting three or even four receptors simultaneously. Using such technologies BIOMUNEX plans to develop molecules with much increased potency and decreased side effects, i.e. immuno-therapeutics that possess a substantially broader therapeutic index.