For the next several decades, antibodies are poised to remain the most attractive modality for the development of high value-added therapeutics. Therapeutic antibodies are expected to represent the majority of biotherapeutic product sales, including engineered antibodies, and fusion proteins. According to Evaluate Pharma 2022 report, the first two top selling products in the world will be monoclonal antibodies (Opdivo®, Humira®). Among the top 10 selling products in the world in 2022, 5 out of 10 will be monoclonal antibodies or their derivatives. Within the next decade, bispecific and multi-specific antibodies are expected to dominate in the antibody therapeutic field.

Oncology is the main therapeutic area of worldwide pharmaceutical sales, with $ 83 Bn in 2016 (Evaluate Pharma 2022), and a double-digit growth is expected over the next 5 years with $ 190 Bn in sales in 2022. Other promising therapeutic area is immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. In this area, top selling products are also monoclonal antibodies.