About Biomunex

BIOMUNEX is a French biopharmaceutical company, founded in 2014 in Paris, focused on the discovery and development of innovative bispecific antibody therapeutics, based on a proprietary platform, to address unmet medical needs.

  • Based on its unique proprietary platform, BIOMUNEX is developing cutting-edge immunotherapies for several cancer types. Its ‘Plug and Play’ modular bispecific antibody BiXAb platform enables BIOMUNEX to develop drug candidates with high anti-tumor potential, superior manufacturability and optimal drug-like properties.
  • The BiXAb platform can also generate innovative bispecific antibodies in any other therapeutic areas, such as immune-mediated inflammatory diseases or infectious diseases or any other diseases in which therapeutic bispecific antibodies may provide benefit.
  • The most advanced candidate derived from BIOMUNEX’ platform, BMX-002, has demonstrated superior in vivo efficacy in pancreatic cancer, one of the most lethal cancers. Initial preclinical studies have proven its potential to become a breakthrough therapy in several solid tumors such as head & neck, gastric or colon cancers.
  • The BIOMUNEX 2nd lead candidate, BMX-101, an immunotherapeutic being developed for multiple myeloma and other hematological malignancies, leverages the power of immune checkpoint inhibition.
  • Research programs are ongoing with renowned academic teams, such as Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier; new programs are being established with additional academic teams.
  • The management team is represented by an experienced group of international managers and drug developers from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, with extensive scientific expertise in oncology.