About Biomunex

BIOMUNEX is a biopharmaceutical company based in Paris founded in 2014, with an affiliate in Cambridge, Massachusetts (established in 2019).  

BIOMUNEX focuses on inventing disruptive biological approaches and bringing breakthrough therapies to patients based on the discovery and development of next generation proprietary BiXAb® bi- and multi-specific antibodies. 

  • Its game-changing proprietary BiXAb® technology enables BIOMUNEX to discover and develop immunotherapies for several cancer types. Its BiXAb® technology offers indeed key properties of an ideal bispecific technology: rapid design and modularity; excellent drug like properties; high yields and cost-effective manufacturability; multi-specific capability and versatility. 
  • Its evolving pipeline will soon enable BIOMUNEX to be a clinical stage company. The most advanced BiXAb® candidates, developed for immuno-oncology applications, have demonstrated superior in vitro and in vivo efficacy in solid tumors and hematological malignancies. BIOMUNEX also initiated the discovery and development of additional disruptive BiXAbs for immuno-oncology in collaboration with renowned academic institutions such as the Institut Curie in Paris.
  • The BiXAb® technology was validated by a licensing deal signed with Sanofi in 2019 for the development of bi- and multi-specific antibodies. This major partnership is in line with the company’s strategy of establishing collaboration agreements with leading pharma partners. 
  • The management team is made up of an experienced group of international C-level executives and drug developers from the pharma and biotech industries, with extensive scientific expertise in oncology. BIOMUNEX is currently expanding its team by recruiting additional world-class top executives and scientists. BIOMUNEX has established strategic and scientific boards consisting of key opinion leaders in their fields.

You can read more about the BiXAb® platform here

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