The Biomunex’s BiXAb® technology platform allows the creation of bispecific antibodies from any pair of monospecific monoclonal antibodies as building blocks, with no extensive engineering; this reduces the BiXAb® production times to around 2 months, which is significantly faster than any other bispecific antibody technologies. This “Plug & Play” BiXAb® technology is fully protected worldwide by the owned patent portfolio of Biomunex. The unsurpassed speed of the BiXAb® Plug & Play technology allows partners to create new compositions of matter and protect them in a time efficient manner. 

  • The BiXAb® tetra Fab platform allows bi-valent binding to both antigen targets and thus emulates binding of native monospecific antibodies. Since the BiXAb® exploit natural pairing of light and heavy chains, point mutations in the constant Fab region were introduced to prevent mispairing. The proprietary linkers, which connect Fab domains on each arm of the BiXAb®, are comprised of human sequences, and are responsible for many advantageous functional and biophysical properties of these bispecific antibodies. 
  • The BiXAb® platform offers several key features of an ideal bispecific antibody technology: 
  • Rapid design and full modularity employing parental mAbs, which enables creation of composition of matter protection for unique bi-and multi-specific antibody configurations in a timely and cost-effective manner. 
  • Excellent drug-like properties (binding affinity, lack of aggregation, low risk of immunogenicity, high stability, etc.). 
  • Straightforward manufacturability and high production yield of correctly paired Fab domains using CHO expression, and therefore straightforward and cost-effective industrialization (expected low cost of goods). 
  • Ability to produce tri- and tetraspecific formats, as well as other modifications (with or without the Fc domain, bi- or tetra-valent formats, etc) 

Biomunex has developed a very robust IP protection position and is continuously solidifying patent protection of its BiXAb® technology as well as the innovations and improvements that continue to differentiate the BiXAb® technology from most of those used in the bsAb field. 

The BiXAb® technology changes the paradigm of the multi-specific antibody field: due to its rapid design and efficiency, the BiXAb® can be used to identify the most synergistic pairs of targets for a new multi-specific antibody and rapidly generate new compositions of matter IP created from mAbs in a cost effective manner.