• Numerous bispecific antibody platforms have been developed; however, very few are capable of producing bispecific antibodies with good manufacturability and drug-like properties, both of which are required for successful production of new therapeutic candidates. Also, the vast majority of bispecific antibody formats do not permit the use of existing monospecific antibodies as building blocks; instead they require the long and costly selection of binding domains from specially prepared antibody libraries.
  • The BIOMUNEX platform possesses numerous advantages over most competitors’ formats. One of the key advantages of the unique BIOMUNEX bispecific antibody platform, BiXAb®, is its modularity: it enables the incorporation of existing antibodies as building blocks in a Plug-and-Play fashion, without a lengthy and costly antibody engineering process. The BiXAb® platform also possess excellent manufacturability.
  • BiXAb® antibodies were tested in a variety of in vitro and in vivo assays. They demonstrated excellent ‘Plug and Play’ properties (modularity), and drug-like properties, such as binding affinity, lack of aggregation, stability, optimal half-life, low immunogenicity risk, etc.
  • The lead therapeutic candidates exhibited synergistic activity relative to the combination of two parental antibodies by demonstrating superior tumor growth inhibition and survival in in vivo models.
  • Finally, the unique BiXAb® platform is amenable for expansion into a robust multi-specific antibody technology (tri- or tetra-specificity).

These results suggest that the BiXAb® platform is highly attractive for therapeutic development and represents the next generation bispecific antibody format. The BiXAb® platform changes the paradigm of bispecific antibody development: BiXAb® can be used to identify the most synergistic pairs of targets for new bispecific antibodies, thus generating the most efficacious bispecific antibodies in a time- and cost-effective manner.